DJ LV & Doza Boi Move to YouTube


DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio

It is official! One of the former shows on Thursday at Listen Vision Studios, “DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio” has announced their decision to move to YouTube with their own channel.


Doza Boi & LVIn March at the show’s Appreciation Day event, the popular online radio broadcast went public on Instagram (@lvndozaboi) about their online expansion to its own independent YouTube channel. Since starting the show in December 2012, “DJ LV and Doza Boi Radio” has interviewed some of the most talented artist from all over the world. The platform of the show is geared towards providing up and coming or unsigned artist, who are not quite mainstream yet in the music industry with an opportunity to grow their fan base, promote themselves and their brand. The show has also held other guest appearance interviews with entrepreneurs, fashion designers, image consultants, community activist – Tony Lewis Jr., aka Mr. #DCorNothing, producers, celebrity photographers, REVOLT TV executives and Atlantic Records executives.  “DJ LV and Doza Boi Radio” has become well-known for hosting parties, runway shows, rap cyphers and having exclusive information released on released during show segments. They have even been invited to some of the top artist in the industry events such as Fattrel, Fatz Da Big Fella & Lil Kim – that’s right the Queen B had DJ LV working the 1’s and 2’s at her party in Baltimore! The two show personalities – female DJ (DJ LV) and male co-host (Doza Boi) create a fun, relaxed and intimate atmosphere for their guest that allows them to be themselves and not feel as if they are being interrogated but more so, just having a regular conversation with friends or family. Since going independent with its own YouTube channel, the show has aired five shows along with a few live in-studio performances by artist such as: White, Santiago Mafia, Chris Bo, Cleff Saucony and Slutty Boys. Bringing in a total of 667 views and 13 subscribers to the channel, it is safe to say “DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio” show has been doing great since it new business venture decision. Also, it has been reported that the show will be soon doing some work in New York City – guess we will have to stay tuned for that!

To follow the show or view past interviews be sure to check out their YouTube channel at: or become a subscriber.


Here’s one of my favorite live-in studio performance (starts at 11:57), thank me later:


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