[Meet] Brittany Carethers x “Founder of Xchange Artistry”

Model Brittany Carethers with her petite shape and long legs has been capturing the lens of every photographer around!

Brittant Carethers

Since the age of 14, Brittany has been pursuing her dream of becoming a model. Despite rejection along the way, she did not allow that to shatter her dream to be a model. During high school and college, Brittany participated  in runway shows; while in college Brittany educated herself on the ins-and-outs of fashion and modeling. After graduating college and moving back home, Brittany has been working to building her portfolio and branding herself as a model for years. As an upcoming aspiring model, Brittany has been featured in several runway shows and photo shoots for online boutiques, designers, make-up artist and hair-stylist.

Brittany Carethers

Recently, (April 13, 2014) Brittany Carethers visited New York City where she did an editorial shoot for her portfolio capturing  the beautiful New York skyline and her 5’7 body frame. Just this past Sunday, Brittany did a photo shoot for Greatness WX, local clothing in the District of Columbia; styled in a few pieces from the Spring Collection along with Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci X Nike’s and a replica of the diamond-mask inspired from the “Yeezus Tour” by Kanye West. This particular shoot has been receiving great positive feedback  from those who aren’t too familiar with the model yet, and those who marvel her. Aside from modeling, being the soft-hearted soul Brittany is, she wanted to find a way to give back to people all over who pitch in to assist models with their career appearances from red-carpet events, to interviews and photo shoots.  As she prepares for the launch of her brand, the New York City shoot in particular was held to promote her latest business venture, Xchange Artistry. Xchange Artistry is a company dedicated to offering an exchange of services from one artist to another.  Being a part of Xchange Artistry allows members of the company to connect with make-up artist, designers, photographers, hair-stylist and more professionals from all over.

Brittany Carethers







Brittany Carethers

This coming Saturday, April 26, 2014, Xchange Artistry  will launch its company brand at Indulj Lounge on U Street from 3-8p.m. with a Networking Day Party. The Xchange Artistry Networking Day Party is inviting bloggers, creative directors, designers, fashion illustrators, hair stylist, make-up artist, models and photographers to promote their businesses among other artistry professionals. The goal for the Xchange Artistry Networking Event is to encourage guest to connect with others to pursue collaboration exchanges in the near future in hopes of growing their small businesses. Vendors will be in attendance at the event for professionals to shop trends. The red carpet event will be filled with an exciting atmosphere including finger foods, drink specials and raffles.

Tickets for this event can be purchased online at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/xchange-artistry-day-party-tickets-11085002541?aff=es2&rank=0&sid=3a1c5b8fcb5011e3922612313913b211 or at the door.

Xchange Artistry Networking Day Party



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