Month: April 2014

DJ LV & Doza Boi Move to YouTube


DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio

It is official! One of the former shows on Thursday at Listen Vision Studios, “DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio” has announced their decision to move to YouTube with their own channel. (more…)


[Meet] Brittany Carethers x “Founder of Xchange Artistry”

Model Brittany Carethers with her petite shape and long legs has been capturing the lens of every photographer around!

Brittant Carethers

Since the age of 14, Brittany has been pursuing her dream of becoming a model. Despite rejection along the way, she did not allow that to shatter her dream to be a model. During high school and college, Brittany participated  in runway shows; while in college Brittany educated herself on the ins-and-outs of fashion and modeling. After graduating college and moving back home, Brittany has been working to building her portfolio and branding herself as a model for years. (more…)