Vittoria Antionette Launches “V. Antonio” Collection Online

photo 1-1Designer Vittoria Antionette launched her online shop for the men’s fall collection, “V. Antonio” this month. In 2010, Vittoria started her online company which stands by the slogan “making bold statements without saying one word”. This statement is definitely one the business reflects. Many have been asking for something new and it is finally here! Vittoria Antionette’s fall release, “V. Antonio” is not a full collection! Customers will not start seeing the full collection from V. Antonio until the spring and summer.  However, the intention of the men’s collection is solely to promote the brand, making it more visible to consumer’s in the fashion market which is why most of the products have the new logo design plastered on it. Clothing pieces from Vittoria Antionette are designed to grab the attention of new customers while saying to the old customers of Vittoria Antionette, “We’re back! Come be a part of what we’re doing!” The launch of “V. Antonio” is a taste of what is to come.

The great thing about the “V. Antonio” products are each piece is created in limited quantity, to add too the one of a kind appeal customers look for when shopping. The Vittoria Antionette men’s collection, “V. Antonio” is very affordable and a portion of every purchase goes to Empas’ Teen Program. The funds donated will be allocated to different branches of the program such as scholarships funds, internship opportunities  and job placement for students and/or recent graduates.  This winter, Vittoria Antionette looks forward to collaborating with some of the teens in the program and utilizing some of their great ideas for the collection.

Vittoria Antionette will be selling items of the collection through the company’s online website which displays custom, reconstructed and handmade clothing pieces of the collection. Stay on the look out for the release of new collection fashion statement pieces with intense artwork!


Twitter: @ShopVAntonioInstagram: @VittoriaAntionette | Facebook: @Vittoria Antionette





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