DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Wizzol X Talks Embarrassing Moments, Michael Jordan & History in The Making

Wizzol X

“When you’re a genius in your own mind, it’s hard to get that vision out!” -Wizzol X

Beyond humble is an understatement for this young man, but Wizzol X gives us nothing short of greatness and keeps its all open in his interview.

Recently, in his hometown of Washington, D.C. in Georgetown he held an promotional event to promote the October 27th event and premier what he refers to as his “son” to the public for the first time, the Adidas X’s. After his promo event, we managed to sit-down with the creative genius himself. During the sit-down interview with our Alexandra correspondent  Ava, Wizzol X shared his views on his accomplishments, inspiration for his designs and the ability to give him when creating designs. We were also able to gain some insight into the personal life of Wizzol X never covered before. This fashion curator will definitely change history for his brand GreatnessWX in addition to adding amazing value to the fashion sector as a whole. Come October 27th we can vouch that nothing will be the same!

Peep a few highlights, plus the actual interview and more below:

Kickspott Event on October 13th

The Kickspott event was to promote the upcoming event on October 27th. In addition, to allowing everyone to the opportunity to meet the designer behind it all and what GreatnessWX is all about. According to him, a lot of people do not understand what Greatness is  about and a lot of people do. At the event, Wizzol X showcased the X’s for which are named after him.

Inspiration behind the  X’s

What inspired him? Him as an artist – Wizzol X is a shoe fan, every shoe he has to have! In 2011, Wizzol thought it would be cool to have his own shoe. At the time it was October which represents Breast Cancer Awareness Month, he chose the color pink for his design and went about it from there. No collaborations were done on the design, it all came from his creative mind. In 2013, they are finally here. Wizzol X is very humble to the fact Adidas sponsored his shoe, he really appreciates it!

Same bracket as other phenomenal designers for Adidas

Set the standard high! Wizzol X is honored to be placed among the category of designers such as, Jeremy Scott and Teyana Taylor. He loves their creativity, what they do and offer as designers. Recent, feedback from his shoe design has been very remarkable. X’s 2?

Reebok vs. Puma

Wizzol X would like to work with Reebok and Puma.  Puma gets the spotlight, see why!

Golden City

Wizzol X describes his hometown of DC, The Golden City to be the most gifted place ever – “lost treasure”. He shares his opinion on his support and why he feels DC is a “lost treasure”.

What’s to expect at the October 27th event and from the GreatnessWX brand

photo 2.PNG

Watch the  interview:

To buy raffle tickets for the X’s, tickets to the event or to shop GreatnessWX please visit:

Follow Wizzol X on Instagram: @WizzolX

Follow GreatnessWX on Instagram: @GreatnessWX



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Be Apart of History




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