DJ LV & Doza Boi Move to YouTube


DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio

It is official! One of the former shows on Thursday at Listen Vision Studios, “DJ LV & Doza Boi Radio” has announced their decision to move to YouTube with their own channel. (more…)


[Meet] Brittany Carethers x “Founder of Xchange Artistry”

Model Brittany Carethers with her petite shape and long legs has been capturing the lens of every photographer around!

Brittant Carethers

Since the age of 14, Brittany has been pursuing her dream of becoming a model. Despite rejection along the way, she did not allow that to shatter her dream to be a model. During high school and college, Brittany participated  in runway shows; while in college Brittany educated herself on the ins-and-outs of fashion and modeling. After graduating college and moving back home, Brittany has been working to building her portfolio and branding herself as a model for years. (more…)

Love For Philanthropy | Meets #Hashtaglunchbag

small actions X Lots of People = BIG CHANGE

Thank God for social networks, especially Instagram! With Instagram’s Explore feature it allows users of the app to search other users and hashtags. In searching hashtags you will be amazed in what you find from fashion, events, world news, food and more.  Recently while scrolling through my timeline I discovered a post about #HashtagLunchbag. When I searched the hashtag I was amazed to see over 10K photos and videos appear from Chicago, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC and many more locations all over the country in relation to it. The question I then asked myself is probably the same one you’re asking yourself right now – what is “Hashtag Lunchbag”? (more…)

Vittoria Antionette Launches “V. Antonio” Collection Online

photo 1-1Designer Vittoria Antionette launched her online shop for the men’s fall collection, “V. Antonio” this month. In 2010, Vittoria started her online company which stands by the slogan “making bold statements without saying one word”. This statement is definitely one the business reflects. Many have been asking for something new and it is finally here! Vittoria Antionette’s fall release, “V. Antonio” is not a full collection! Customers will not start seeing the full collection from V. Antonio until the spring and summer.  However, the intention of the men’s collection is solely to promote the brand, making it more visible to consumer’s in the fashion market which is why most of the products have the new logo design (more…)

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Wizzol X Talks Embarrassing Moments, Michael Jordan & History in The Making

Wizzol X

“When you’re a genius in your own mind, it’s hard to get that vision out!” -Wizzol X

Beyond humble is an understatement for this young man, but Wizzol X gives us nothing short of greatness and keeps its all open in his interview.

Recently, in his hometown of Washington, D.C. in Georgetown he held an promotional event to promote the October 27th event and premier what he refers to as his “son” to the public for the first time, the Adidas X’s. After his promo event, we managed to sit-down with the creative genius himself. During the sit-down interview with our Alexandra correspondent  Ava, Wizzol X shared his views on his accomplishments, inspiration for his designs and the ability to give him when creating designs. (more…)

Today’s Event: Entrepreneur Expo

Nature never looks more beautiful than it does come fall. There are always a myriad of adventures to attend if you’re venturing into the District of Columbia (and, of course, an outfit for every pit stop). Seriously, it is no better way to oak up the season than by attending the cities most amazing events. One in particularly is the upcoming Entrepreneur Expo. (more…)